Why Use Ozone?

Most everyone knows that Ozone purifies water by killing bacteria, viruses, and other disease causing organisms that are in water. This capability made ozone the prime method of water disinfection in Europe almost 100 years ago, and it still is.

But what if you put ozone on someone’s skin, on infected wounds? Shouldn’t it work to kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that are keeping that wound from healing? In the early 1900’s doctors discovered that indeed it did, but something else happened too. Not only did ozone kill the pathogens on the skin and in the wound, but it also caused the healing mechanisms at the edges of the wounds to ‘activate’, a process called granulation.

You see, what they discovered was that ozone’s value did not stop at the simple eradication of invading microorganisms, but it also had an effect on stimulating healing mechanisms.

What else can Ozone do?

Researchers from Spain, Italy, Russia, Germany, Cuba and many other nations around the world have studied ozone for many years. The researchers have found that ozone can in fact increase the energy production in your cells (in the mitochondria), increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your tissues and cells, modulate your immune system to make it work better, and so, so much more! There are even studies to prove than if you use ozone before you come into contact with toxins you can precondition your body to withstand much more that if you had not used ozone. This “preconditioning” can help you to stay healthy under many circumstances that would otherwise have made you sick.

Okay….so why use Ozone?

Practitioners and home users are using ozone because ozone is able to provide a health benefit in so many circumstances where ‘modern’ western medicine cannot. Plus, as discussed above, it can even help you to stay healthy through “preconditioning”.

Do you want to learn more?

Of course you do. You can find more on our “About Ozone” Page or better yet….Buy The Ozone Miracle and learn the whole story!