Frank Shallenberger’s “The Ozone Miracle”

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is known around the world as one of the world’s most innovative and progressive medical professionals. Not satisfied with the status quo of suppressing symptoms with pharmaceuticals and with an internal and honest drive to improve the lives of his patients Dr. Shallenberger began a journey in the early 1980’s to discover sound scientific methods to restore the normal functioning of the human body, regardless of the age of the patient and regardless of the ailment.

As a result of that drive for answers, Dr. Shallenberger is able to bring you a profoundly simple yet effective way to improve your life and that of all your family members, the use of Oxygen in the form of Ozone. “The Ozone Miracle” is a comprehensive guide to the ailments that can be improved or resolved with ozone, and detailed instructions as to how to use ozone in a safe and effective manner. No other author has made it this clear and concise for you.

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