What is Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy will Make you use Oxygen Better! = More Energy…

The body thrives on oxygen.  Without oxygen the body dies in minutes.  But just breathing oxygen is not enough.  Your body also has to be able to use the oxygen to create energy, and this process must be done efficiently.  And this is where the problem lies.  As we get older and when people become ill, of course they are still breathing, but they don’t use that oxygen they are breathing effectively. They have trouble turning that oxygen into life giving energy. They can’t make enough energy, and they get sicker instead of recovering.  That is where medical ozone therapy comes in.

Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen on the planet.  Much more powerful than the oxygen that is in the air we breathe.  When doctors apply ozone therapy to their patients all kinds of beneficial effects happen that don’t happen with when regular oxygen is used.  One of those effects is that it improves the way the body uses oxygen.  But that’s not all.  Listed below are several other very important effects from ozone therapy.

What exactly is Medical Ozone Therapy?

Medical Ozone Therapy is the use of ozone in medicine. Ozone Therapy is used on both people and also our animals, our pets, horses, and even livestock. Ozone Therapy is used outside the body on skin to address rashes, infections, cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns and any other affliction or infection that may occur.

Ozone is also used inside the body and when it is, it is called ‘systemic’ Ozone Therapy. Systemic Ozone Therapy is used to address virtually any chronic disease such as cancer, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease, diabetes, etc., and also simple diseases such as colds and flus. The afflictions and diseases where ozone will provide a beneficial effect are virtually endless. In The Ozone Miracle  you will find a very long list of diseases that respond well to Ozone, but in reality Ozone will provide benefits in virtually every disease.

Because of the great success rate Ozone has in treating these diseases, Ozone Therapy has been very popular in many European countries for decades. Thanks to the newly created American Academy of Ozonotherapy it is also gaining a strong foothold in North America. Dr. Shallenberger has been the president of the academy since its inception.

What Does Ozone Do When Used for Medical Ozone Therapy?

Medical Ozone Therapy works so well for such a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases precisely because oxygen is so central to how the body functions. Here is a partial list of what we know about ozone therapy:

1. Ozone Therapy increases oxygen delivery to your cells.

Your body can only be healthy and vibrant if your cells receive sufficient oxygen. Ozone Therapy will enable your blood system to deliver more oxygen to your tissues and cells. Getting more Oxygen to your cells is great, right? But what if your cells are not using that oxygen efficiently to make energy? Just like a car not using gas efficiently, things can go wrong in your cells and the cells produce less energy and more waste. Like a car engine, your cells may need a ‘tune up’.  See the next point, because Ozone Therapy has that one covered too….

2. Not only will Ozone increase oxygen to the cells, it also enables the cells to utilize that oxygen better to make energy….more energy!

Think of the implications of making more energy! Energy is what makes you feel good in the morning, at night, and all hours in between. Where does that energy come from. It comes from your cells turning oxygen into energy, and it keeps you healthy, and free of disease. That energy made by your cells allows your cells to repair other cells, to repair tissues from both minor and major injuries. And the energy you make from oxygen enables your cells to make hormones to keep you strong, healthy, and YOUNG! Are you low on energy? Ozone Therapy can help you, and The Ozone Miracle will help you to understand why and how, and it will teach you how to use Ozone Therapy.

3. Ozone Therapy also makes your immune system work better, by stimulating the creation of cytokines.

You are on an airplane, seated in the aisle seat. The person beside you (in the middle) has a terrible cold. Your friend is seated in the window seat. Can you picture that? Both you in the aisle and your friend in the window seat are both exposed to that cold virus. You get off the airplane and the next day, you have the cold. You call your friend, and she doesn’t have the cold. What happened? Your friend’s immune system was stronger, and fought the virus better, and she didn’t get sick. Her ‘cytokines’ worked better to keep her health. You? Your immune system might need a tune up because it failed you and you got sick.

So what are cytokines and why is this important that Ozone Therapy can make them work better? You’ll need to buy the book in order to learn more! But suffice it to say that it is the cytokines in your body that make your immune system function properly. A properly functioning immune system means you can fight disease better, from the common colds and flu to major diseases that could gravely affect your health. Is Ozone Therapy sounding good to you so far?

4. Ozone Therapy stimulates detoxification.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins. Our biological functions also produce toxins. These toxins need to be eliminated from the body, and if they aren’t, you can’t be healthy. Think of a pond of fresh water full of fish and life. If water doesn’t flow through that pond, toxins entering the pond from the outside soils, and roads, washed in by the rain will collect in the pond. The waste produced by the fish will collect in the pond, and pretty quickly you have a smelly swamp instead of a pond. If your body is not good at eliminating waste from your tissues (which is the definition of “Detoxification”) then the interior of your body becomes “a smelly swamp” of waste material. Ozone Therapy can help your body to eliminate these wastes = Detoxification. The Ozone Miracle will explain Ozone Therapy makes this happen, and also explains the proper way to use Ozone Therapy to ensure you are successful. Instructions on how to use Ozone found on the internet, for the most part, are not correct. Buy The Ozone Miracle to learn the proper ways to use Ozone Therapy and start detoxifying properly today!

5. Ozone decreases the level of free radicals in your body.

Free radical are molecules that are produced in the cells from oxygen.  They are incredibly important.  Without free radical molecules, we would die almost instantly. The problem is that the production of free radicals sometimes gets out of control.  And when that happens, the excess free radicals can damage the body, cause disease, and increase the aging process.  It has been noted by researchers that all disease is accompanied by an increase in free radical levels in the body beyond the normal limits. It would follow then that if you could lower the free radical levels in your body back to normal, this would help the body recover from any illness.  And here’s the point.  Studies clearly show that Medical Ozone Therapy is the single most effective way to reduce free radical levels.  No other therapy is even a close second.  This is because it is the only therapy in the world proven to increase the levels of the antioxidant enzymes that control and limit free radicals. This is good! Lower free radicals means you stay healthier. Ozone Therapy truly has miraculous effects.

There are so many more seemingly ‘miraculous’ effects of ozone on the human body than are listed here. Imagine using simple oxygen, in the form of Ozone, to help you and your family stay healthy, or regain your health. Proper methods of using Ozone Therapy are a must, and purchasing the proper equipment (Ozone Generators) is also vitally important. You will learn about both and much, much more in The Ozone Miracle.

This information is simply stunning, and to learn more all you need to do is to Buy The Ozone Miracle book by Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD, the “Godfather” of Ozone in North America, to master Ozone Therapy. You will be glad that you did!