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Clinic visits with Dr. Shallenberger MD

Nevada Center for Alternative and Antiaging Medicine
1231 Country Club Drive
Carson City NV 89703 USA

The Nevada Center for Alternative and Antiaging Medicine has been serving the public for many, many years. Dr. Shallenberger and his team of professionals provide a caring environment in which priority is given to the needs of the patient, discovered through state of the art testing and analysis. Alternative and Antiaging medical approaches are offered to each patient to address the root cause of their disease, rather than just mask the symptoms.

Website: www.antiagingmedicine.com
Telephone: 775-884-3990


Professional Ozone Therapy Organizations

American Academy of Ozonotherapy

The American Academy of Ozonotherapy was established in 2010. The Academy holds annual meetings where members can learn about the most recent advances in Integrative Medicine, through lectures and classes provided by world experts in their field. The next American Academy of Ozonotherapy members Annual Conference will be held in the Spring. Keep an eye on the American Academy of Ozonotherapy’s website for further information on courses and conferences.

Website: www.AAOT.us
Memberships and Fellowships available for professionals.

Memberships are also open for laypeople (home users of ozone).

Ozone Therapy Courses for Practitioners

Ozone Therapy Inc. provides the most comprehensive “Hands On” Ozone Therapy Courses in the world. Dr. Shallenberger MD is the lead lecturer and teacher, providing class attendees with his expert guidance on how to use Ozone Therapy in their clinics. Attendees learn how to administer ozone right at the class, assisted by trained and credentialed “Group Leaders” experienced in providing Ozone Therapy to their own patients. This class sells out for every class, accepting only 85 – 90 students to each course. Small breakout groups are created during the practical portion of the class, to ensure a high quality comprehensive learning environment for every single attendee (see the “Testimonials” page on the website listed below, OzoneCourse.com). The course includes “Beginning Ozone Therapy” a 2 Day course schedule, Beginning Prolozone – a  1 day class (the third day of the program) to teach each student “Ozone Doctor” how to administer ozone to joints (knees, shoulders, hips) plus the “how” and “why” didactic sessions to provide the proven theory. Ozone Therapy Inc even provides an Advanced Prolozone Class, for those students who have attended the Beginning Prolozone Class. Register early to ensure you have a seat reserved…courses sell out fast!

Website: www.OzoneCourse.com


Perfect Vitamin Products
4610 Arrowhead Dr,
Carson City, NV 89706

Website: www.PerfectVitaminProducts.com
Toll Free Telephone (USA): 1-800-876-2555
Local and International Telephone: 775-671-3369