Ozone Resources

Dr. Shallenberger MD Recommends:

Clinic visits with Dr. Shallenberger MD

Nevada Center for Alternative and Antiaging Medicine
1231 Country Club Drive
Carson City NV 89703 USA

Website: www.antiagingmedicine.com
Telephone: 775-884-3990


Quality Ozone Generators and Ozone Accessories:

Longevity Resources Inc. Ozone Generators

Website: www.OzoneGenerator.com
Toll Free Telephone Canada / USA: 1-877-543-3398
International Telephone (outside Canada / USA): 001 250 654 0092


Professional Ozone Therapy Organizations

American Academy of Ozonotherapy

Website: www.AAOT.us
Memberships and Fellowships available for professionals.

Memberships are also open for laypeople (home users of ozone).



Perfect Vitamin Products
4610 Arrowhead Dr,
Carson City, NV 89706

Website: www.PerfectVitaminProducts.com
Toll Free Telephone (USA): 1-800-876-2555
Local and International Telephone: 775-671-3369


Ozone Therapy Courses for Practitioners

Ozone Therapy Inc.

Website: www.ShallenbergerOzoneCourse.com