Ozone Videos

Ozone Therapy Videos:

These Ozone Generator Setup videos were created by a fan of Dr Shallenberger’s. They are not intended as instructions nor medical advice but simply video descriptions of some of the items mentioned in Dr. Shallenberger’s book: The Ozone Miracle. The products used in the videos, while high quality and reliable, are laboratory instruments, are not medical devices, and are not intended to be used as medical devices. They are simply instruments that produce pure contaminant free ozone in precision concentrations. The manufacturer of these devices was not consulted upon creation of these videos, nor does the manufacturer have any vested interest in the videos nor any responsibility for the accuracy of the videos nor content of the audio. Any statements and/or conclusions made by the presenter in the videos are the personal thoughts of the narrator. Neither Dr. Shallenberger nor the manufacturer of the equipment took part in, nor were advised of, nor are in any way responsible for, the statements made here.

Video 1: Ozone Rectal Insufflation Setup:

Video 2: Making Ozonated Water:

Video 3: Ozone Ear Insufflation:

Video 4: Ozone Inhalation Through Olive Oil:

Video 5: Ozone Syringe Filling:

Video 6: Ozone Bagging Setup (“Limb Bagging”):

Video 7: Ozone Cupping Setup:

Video 8: Steam Sauna Setup:

Video 9: Ozone Steam Sauna Setup and Testimonial:

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